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Message Subject The Story of the Owl and the Sheepdog - A Parable
Poster Handle 1123581321
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hi OP,

thnx for such a wonderful story.

the dog represents us, humans. we're all guilty of judging others and being blind to our own mistakes.

...just my opinion, no harm or disrespect intended.
 Quoting: dristi black

Thank for the reply. Personally, I see the sheepdog as all those sad people that have a desire to control others. They hope to gain power and control by doing the "masters" dirty work, when in reality they are no more in control than the sheep.

In my view, they are the sad ones. They sell out to the master and have no idea that they are only pawns in the grand scheme of things.

Examples: Managers, politicians, the church, police, military, so called gurus/teachers. The list goes on.

This is just my view. As with any parable, we each will view this story in a different way based on our experiences.

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