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Message Subject The Story of the Owl and the Sheepdog - A Parable
Poster Handle 1123581321
Post Content
hi OP,

thnx for such a wonderful story.

the dog represents us, humans. we're all guilty of judging others and being blind to our own mistakes.

...just my opinion, no harm or disrespect intended.
 Quoting: dristi black

All of ascended masters do the same. An owl is a parable of them - they don't interfere with this silly end game of a late just dying Aion. Even when reaching divine power - they don't show or use it. They are saving their accumulated energy to support a Great Switch which is coming soon.

The dog represents TPTB which will be thrown to eternal pit as soon as The King will stand to hold the iron scepter with the golden rings which was hidden thousands of years deep in the bottom of the sea in the kingdom of the Dragoon King of the Northern Sea /Greek deity of Posseidon?/ and no mortal nor deity was able to take it up.

Even the story of a little mermaid is on-the-go. But who cares ?

Tripitaka. Very old Indian epic poem.

/My grand grand mother was born in Saltzburg./

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 790968

Very well said. Thank you for your post.

Saltzburg meaning please?
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