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Message Subject The Story of the Owl and the Sheepdog - A Parable
Poster Handle 1123581321
Post Content
Are the sheepdogs of this world any better off than the sheep?
 Quoting: 1123581321

Only one answer to that question: Know they self.

Look around and realize everything created in this world was done by people no different then you. It's up to you to rise to the occasion.

If ordinary people know, they are sages; if sages understand, they are ordinary people. - Wumen

 Quoting: Chrit

So many people have a terrible desire and yearning to control others. They crave power, elite status and control and will do anything or hurt anyone to achieve it. That makes them very easy to manipulate and control by the evil beings in this reality. All it takes to control the "sheepdogs" of our world is money, status, sex and power.

The problem for these lost souls is that sooner or later they will have to pay for their mistakes. They will not be protected and supported by the controllers of the world when they are no longer needed. They will finally begin to realize that they are no better off than the so called "sheep" of our society. I view, priests/preachers, politicians, police/military, supervisors/managers, bullies as very sad and lost beings. We should pity them and not envy them.

To control anyone in my view is wrong. Whether it is with good intentions or not. We each should have the right to make our own choices. That is real freedom.

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