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Message Subject Libtards think they did something special by voting for Obama's skin color
Poster Handle ruxpin
Post Content
Actually it shows they donot think but EMOTE.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4779059

This is exactly right. I followed Obama from the minute his name emerged as a possible candidate and the fawning over him was sickening. He hadn't done anything, nobody even knew who he was and immediately he was a "Great Speaker". So, I would listen to his speeches and he would use these $3 words and phrases, like:

"The promise of reform which the Green Paper heralds holds much for the public and Service alike; local policing, customized to local need with authentic answerability, strengthened accountabilities at force level through reforms to police authorities and HMIC, performance management at the service of localities with targets and plans tailored to local needs."

Though this isn't one of his ramblings, it's a perfect example of the shit that he says. It sounds really impressive but when you break it down, it is meaningless. The problem is, when your core audience are a bunch of illiterate, unemployed morons, they eat it up and go weak in the knees hearing this garbage.

There was a video clip of Obama signing autographs at some kind of rally and this older woman, probably 60-65 says, "I love you, Barack!", like it was her son or something. I couldn't get over how weird that sounded. He had done absolutely nothing yet people were mesmerized by his blackness. And WTF, she felt she was on a first-name basis with him? Really? And she LOVES him? Based on what?

While some saw his election as some sort of "diversity" statement I saw it as the pinnacle of stupidity and a sheeple society.
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