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Message Subject Libtards think they did something special by voting for Obama's skin color
Poster Handle Blonde Mom
Post Content
not difficult to fool a libtard
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31352237

Why did Romney failed so spectacularly then?

If it was easy to fool a liberal into voting for something then he surely should have won the election due to the low approval rating that Obama had before the election?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22089462

Massive voter fraud.
Precincts voting up to 149% of eligible voters. (FLA)
The mentally impaired bussed in and "helped" to vote.( NC)
In urban areas poll watchers being thrown out.(TX)
Immigrants being bussed in with " translators" who "assisted" (OH)
Urban precincts showing 100-105% of the vote for Obama
Voting machines tampered with
The press massively covering up any Obama flaws. Benghazi!?

And these are the only ones that were caught. (see above)
My country is now victim to a velvet revolution.
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