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Message Subject Libtards think they did something special by voting for Obama's skin color
Poster Handle Holldoll
Post Content
I would say that I'm a liberal, but I didn't vote for him. There are a few things that I care about, marijuana being one of them. It's important to me, as my very dear uncle(who is also a preacher) is suffering from cancer. He is in tormenting pain right now as we speak, and I have heard many things about medicinal marijuana. I want him to have that option legally. As for homosexuality and other things that could make me a liberal. I just don't have any judgement, maybe that makes me more of a bad christian than a liberal. I understand the reasons people don't want that kind of liberties for other human beings(in terms of the bible), but my bleeding heart doesn't agree my logic and I'm in constant turmoil with myself. I do have an outstanding amount of love for mankind, but I'm not deluded enough to think that any politician is going to solve the world's problems. Ahh /sigh I guess that makes me more moderate than anything. I just feel horrible when people call each other names, like libtard..conservatard. Whatever. It's not solving the problems.
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