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Message Subject DUTCHSINSE — Moon verified to be out of place — ‘Lunar Anomaly’ — Planet X / Tyche / Nemesis would have to be 30AU
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well, got this seconds ago via Twitter from Dutchsince

[link to adsabs.harvard.edu]

Download PDF here:
[link to arxiv.org]


They explain in this paper from Cornell University that THEY CANNOT EXPLAIN why the moon is showing an “accelerating phenomenon”.

They do calculations based upon the location of “X” .. X being the distant point where the supposed “planet x / nemesis / tyche” is located.

This paper acknowledges two things..

[link to sincedutch.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: IwantToBelieve76

I KNEW it! The MOON is spinning faster, especially after "YU-55" passed along. My sources had indicated to me that the "asteroid" was meant to pass between Earth and Moon in order to accelerate the magnetic (gravitational) spin of the moon and thus the Earth. This is NOT a GOOD thing, I've decided.

And you might have guessed that the "asteroid" is actually directed...

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