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Message Subject DUTCHSINSE — Moon verified to be out of place — ‘Lunar Anomaly’ — Planet X / Tyche / Nemesis would have to be 30AU
Poster Handle ))BAPHOMET((
Post Content
ive been telling people for weeks in the uk that the moon os far from where it should be... everyone refuses to believe, make jokes and laugh it off. more fool them
 Quoting: breezey29 3953853

I saw your posts on this too. You just got swaped my the debunkers, seems everyone just wnts to shout fail these days. Last night particularily, i dont think i've ever had to crane my neck quite so much to see the moon, it was almost vertical, and seemed so far away. And today, up with the sun, but almost right next to it, and looking huge. Strange indeed.

Revelations did warn us of this, although im no religitard.
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