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Message Subject Bible Prophecy Is Real Because the Illuminati Wrote the Bible and Plan the Future
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The illuminati have clearly infiltrated global affairs from every angle.

They wrote the Bible. The Bible is a very meaningful allegory of the human situation, which most certainly involves the influence of extra-terrestrials.

Bible Prophecy is fulfilled because the illuminati have the ability to see into the future through kabbalah magic and the capacity to orchestrate future world events.

I have said too much.

off to south america to start a new life with a new name
 Quoting: It's True 5586795

The Bible is Astro Theological code and Kabbalah, You are correct OP

I was trained by the Illuminati in these things.

People think they teach about world domination, that is not true, they teach AWARENESS instead.

how were you trained by the illuminati?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5586795

How to read charts, How to tell the stars, and how to foretell world events. esp the plan and path of God who really owns all the religions, but as you said, Christianity/Judaism esp is a focus

Its nothing heebie jeebie. And they are in no conspiracies.

Simply everything happens via the charts. All states and nations and countries have charts and they are under planetary energies which are scientific.

Ill stop here for the night
Talk to you or see you around soon.

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