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Message Subject Bible Prophecy Is Real Because the Illuminati Wrote the Bible and Plan the Future
Poster Handle GodsFollower
Post Content
The Illuminati is a cult and unfortunately the leaders of the world are dabbling in the occult. The cult would like you to believe they wrote the bible, so you become confused and they want you to turn away from God and turn to them. Don't do this.

Guess what - Satan is a deceiver and he hates the truth. The bible is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Satan will do what he can to hide the truth from everyone. All he can do is deceive people and he's doing a good job at it. He plays people like puppets. They have no idea what they're doing. Feel sorry for them :(

Religions are man made and are a set of beliefs that are composed by man. This is Satan's best tool to brainwash and deceive others. If he can get people in false churches following a set of beliefs, he can keep them on the wrong road, heading for destruction and separated from God. These religions are all counterfeits, not the genuine 'church' of God. Get out quick!!!

The bible answers all of life's questions. It reveals God's word. When you have faith and believe in him, the message will be revealed to you. There is a hidden spiritual message which is only revealed to believers and not to the enemy (I wonder if this is why the bible has survived for so long!!!). This may sound crazy, but it's true. All you have to do is believe in Him, accept Jesus as your personal Lord and savior because he died for us, and ask for him to forgive you for all your sins. Your life will change instantly (it's a supernatural change!!) - amazing!!

The authenticity of the bible has been proven. Firstly, it's full of prophecies to be fulfilled - prophecies that no man could have done. Our history was written in the bible before it happened, and our future has been written telling us what's to come. Jesus' crucifixion ("the piercing of his hands and feet") was documented 1,000 years before crucifixions were even invented! Specific geographical locations were written in the bible before man even discovered the rest of the world. Specific details of the world have been documented - yet, you see that our History books are different. Also - the bible does not contradict itself anywhere. Each book in the bible relates to other spiritual messages in it. No man was capable of composing the spiritual message, it was definitely inspired (FROM) God (using disciples of God). The message is written in such a way that believers' eyes will be opened.

Satan has tried to attack the bible numerous times. You'll see hundreds of versions of the bible and not all are interpreted correctly. One religion even added 7 extra books to their bible, which contradicts the rest of the bible. Those 7 extra books stick out like a sore thumb. The original Hebrew and Greek are spot on! I've also found the New King James version to be very accurate.

By the way - the bible says that a 7 year peace treaty will be signed with Israel and then broken half way through, which will cause something worse than has ever happened to date (worse than the Holocaust). Those who have accepted Christ will be raptured ("caught up") and those left behind will have to deal with the wrath to come.

[link to www.salvationprayer.info]
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