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Message Subject Bible Prophecy Is Real Because the Illuminati Wrote the Bible and Plan the Future
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
KJV isnt what guides people its the spirit of God, there are people who have read the bible and scripture to some extent and can pinpoint inaccuracies because of being guided by a higher power in understanding and discernment...doesnt matter how corrupt it is or becomes they can see truth from lie....hence....the Bible is real....there are parts that are questionable...personally the most accurate are genesis, new testament and revelation....if you recall after the death of christ on the cross the veil was rent in half in the temple in jerusalem..the meaning of this ....well one needs to understand the meaning of the veil to begin with...veil is the veil that man is born with coming into this world...that veil is lifted upon the death and resurrection of christ...we are no longer blind spiritually those that believe in the spirit of God the temple veil was placed there to signify the seperation of those that were ordained as priests in the holy of holies from the people of the temple and the regular worshippers....only chosen bloodlines could go through that area because before this behind the veil the tabernacle ark of the covenant was placed...there was an altar and God requested only certain people allowed to maintain it and go near it...for example Levites and Cohens heres an exert from wiki about it ...

The distinguished rank of the high priest is apparent from the fact that his sins are regarded as belonging also to the people (Lev. iv. 3, 22). He was entrusted with the stewardship of the Urim and Thummim (Num. xxvii. 20 et seq.). On Yom Kippur he alone entered the Holy of Holies, to make atonement for his house and for the people (Lev. xvi). He alone could offer the sacrifices for the sins of the priests, or of the people, or of himself (Lev. iv.); and only he could officiate at the sacrifices following his own or another priest's consecration (Lev. ix.). He also offered a meal- offering every morning and evening for himself and the whole body of the priesthood (Lev. vi. 14-15, though the wording of the law is not altogether definite). Other information concerning his functions is not given. Though other priests would serve only when it was their week on rotation and on feast days (and even then their function was decided by lot), he was privileged to take part at his own pleasure in any of the priestly rites at any time. Josephus contends that the high priest almost invariably participated in the ceremonies on Shabbat, the New Moon, and the festivals.[11] This may also be inferred from the glowing description given in the Wisdom of Sirach i. of the high priest's appearance at the altar.

So the veil separated the holy of holies the ark of the covenant the tabernacle from the rest of the temple...and only specific people from the line or aaron and moses could enter...

kjv Hebrews 9:1–9
The Earthly Holy Place
9 Now even the first covenant had regulations for worship and man earthly place of holiness. 2 For na tent1 was prepared, the first section, in which were othe lampstand and pthe table and qthe bread of the Presence.2 It is called the Holy Place. 3 Behind rthe second curtain was a second section3 called the Most Holy Place, 4 having the golden saltar of incense and tthe ark of the covenant covered on all sides with gold, in which was ua golden urn holding the manna, and vAaron’s staff that budded, and wthe tablets of the covenant. 5 Above it were xthe cherubim of glory overshadowing ythe mercy seat. Of these things we cannot now speak in detail.
6 These preparations having thus been made, zthe priests go regularly into the first section, performing their ritual duties, 7 but into the second only athe high priest goes, and he but aonce a year, and not without taking blood, bwhich he offers for himself and for the unintentional sins of the people. 8 By this the Holy Spirit indicates that cthe way into the holy places is not yet opened as long as the first section is still standing 9 (which is symbolic for the present age).4 According to this arrangement, gifts and sacrifices are offered dthat cannot perfect the conscience of the worshiper,

the curtain is the veil....

Matthew 27:50–51
50 And Jesus ncried out again with a loud voice and oyielded up his spirit.
51 And behold, pthe curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. And qthe earth shook, and the rocks were split.

the reason this happened is because of two things.....

first Joel 2:28
English Standard Version (ESV)
The Lord Will Pour Out His Spirit

28 [a] “And it shall come to pass afterward,
that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh;
your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
your old men shall dream dreams,
and your young men shall see visions


John 16:7
New International Version (NIV)
7 But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.

you have to understand in the temple of Jerusalem the ark of the covenant was not there when christ was there...He was the living tabernacle of his father when the vessel was broken and was resurrected he ascended to his father the spirit was given unto the believers no longer in a temple made by man and we see this evidence in this verse

Acts 17:24
24 rThe God who made the world and everything in it, being sLord of heaven and earth, tdoes not live in temples made by man,3

THe only temple God resides now is in the pure of heart that have repented and follow his son...so those people have the holy spirit in them...those people are very few...as you can see a lot of people have claimed to be christian doesnt mean they are.....
There is no veil on those people who are given the spirit of God and who are sealed...these people have read and can read any scripture and decipher truth from lies because theyre guided by truth the spirit of God...so NO the Illuminati havent twisted the bible to the extent we cant read it correctly...however unless you ask from guidance from above you ll get confused hence all the crazy denominations you get out there...mind of men can never understand spirit of God a good example is teh Kabbalah,,,my father was teacher of it...non jewish one of the only few allowed because of his spirits ability to comprehend metaphysics...however..the kabbalah is a mind trap human mind cannot interpret spirit theres no backdoor to true knowledge you have to go through the front door...if you go through any other means you will be deceived....there are accuracies in numerology and gematria the houses of God etc however there are also in accuracies...if you have Gods spirit in you you can obtain wisdom beyond any secret society any witch any kabbalist any taoist or buddhist any prophet in the world...if you ask it will be given....how do i know this...because it has happened to me
The churches today have reinstituted the veil.....there is no mediator except the son and now he sent the spirit of God so when you pray its just you and God no one else....i dont follow man religions...i dont depend on men to show me the way if i did i wouldnt understand this
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