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Message Subject PROOF of Ron Paul's ties to the Illuminati & Occultism,
Poster Handle DoppelgangerGirl
Post Content
Hey, I know, in the end, Ron Paul is going to win..

I also know that he's not going to do what he says he will..

What he's going to do will not be harmless & helpful. It's going to change this country for the rest of all time.

It won't be a good change. It will abolish the United States of America. There will be no more America when he is through.

I'd just like the right to say I TOLD YOU ALL SO.
 Quoting: DoppelgangerGirl

No,what bammy is doing is not harmless or helpful. Bammy is

changing this country for all of time. It's not a good

change. He wants to abolish the USA. There will be no more

America if he gets a second term.

Now you see what I did there? Everything you said right there fits in perfectly with the current administration.

Are you really that fucking stupid?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 5637800

Are you really that unconfident in the power of the people to change a government to be however they like if they'd only get off their butts, start thinking for themselves, & actually do something except punch a button every four years to decide to remove themselves of taking responsibility for the good or bad of the wellbeing of the country?
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