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Major Ear Ringer......CME or Quake Coming, Mark my Words!


User ID: 6223578
11/29/2011 06:46 AM
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Re: Major Ear Ringer......CME or Quake Coming, Mark my Words!
I've never posted anything here but just got out of my warm Santa Cruz, Ca bed at 2:00 am cuz the ringing I've had (predominately in my left eat) for two weeks seems to be reaching a crescendo. I couldn't believe I logged on and found this chain. And I was trying to convince myself it was trucks on a Hwy miles from my home. Wild!!!

It sounds too widespread to be an Earthquake, but something is definitely coming!
 Quoting: Psychic Newbie 6221978

My left hear is in a crescendo too for the past 3days!! And I hear tones too. Since I hear it since I was a child,I got used to it,but now is getting clearer and higher tone on the left,although the most stranger pitches happen i my right hear,sometimes it's like I get my ear into a vaccumm lol.