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Subject Cairo Carnage: Shock Videos shows cop atrocities. At least 22 killed. Clashes escalating. Cabinet submits resignation to ruling Junta.
Poster Handle DoorBert
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A shocking video has been released in the internet showing the violent crackdown of police and security during the protests over the weekend.

Riot police are spreading tear gas and firing rubber bullets as the crowd of stone-throwing protesters at Egyptís Tahrir Square begins to swell.

RTís Paula Slier reports from Cairo that the situation on the ground remains extremely tense.

Some of the rubber bullets have gone astray, hitting residential buildings nearby and starting fires.

Paula has encountered at least a dozen ambulances and a fire brigade quickly responding.

[link to rt.com]

According to the health ministry 22 peaple have been killed since Saturday.

Clashes have continued through the morning in the vicinity of the square in central Cairo, Al Jazeera Mike Hanna reports.

[link to blogs.aljazeera.net]

Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports from Tahrir Square, where despite an earlier agreement to allow protesters to remain in the epicentre of the square, clashes have once again broken out.

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