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Message Subject Cairo Carnage: Shock Videos shows cop atrocities. At least 22 killed. Clashes escalating. Cabinet submits resignation to ruling Junta.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Our Culture Minister even quit over these clashes, in protest.

the SCAF said they would hand power over after 6 months to a civilian interim government. NOW, they want to stay in power til 2013, that's the last roadmap they gave. MANY are opposed, including Moussa and Baradei. Moussa also spoke out against this harsh tactic and beating down and killng protesters. People say it seems like Mubarak still in power and Habib Al-Adly not in jail but still directing the police.

This is not over...now they killed 35, injured over 1700, people will gain more support now. Except this time, it's against Tantawi and the USA, so it can get worse than the days in January.

Pray for us!!!
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