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Subject Why the ILLUMINATI has orchestrated the OWS movement
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No, the OWS movement is not started by communists or socialists with the aim to replace the present system as many on the site believe. The illuminati have profited both from capitalism and communism, so why would try to promote one system at the cost of another?

The illuminati have started this movement to further disempower the poor. Anyone who understands the true nature of consciousness and of reality knows that the world around us is merely a reflection of our own consciousness. So what better way to disempower those who are already disempowered than by further reinforcing their poverty consciousness?

Look at the slogans used by the movement..

"We are the 99 percent"

Now, when a person or a group of people shout that they belong to the 99 percent, at an energetic level, they are reinforcing the belief that they are poor, ordinary masses while the 1 percent of the world are the real owners of the earth.

The name of the movement 'Occupy Wall Street' has been carefully chosen to fit in with the plans of the illuminati. It is obvious that the elites want to crash Wall Street and are slowly moving their wealth away from the stock markets. Very soon, Wall Street would become history and the poor protestors would end up occupying and taking over an institution that would have become a mere shadow of what it once was. In other words, the 99% will be left with just the debris of the wealth, while the actual wealth would have transferred elsewhere.

For any movement to succeed, it is vitally important that its goals should be properly and clearly spelled out. The magnified intention and energy of millions of protestors demand a common goal makes it fulfillment of the goal easier. And so, very cleverly, the illuminati have orchestrated the movement without spelling out proper goals. The vagueness of the goals ensures that all the energy of the protestors is wasted on reinforcing their poverty and their ordinariness while at the same time reinforcing that status of the elites as the 1% true rules and owners of the planet.

So even if sympathize with the OWS crowd (which you shouldn't) never become a part of it and never raise disempowering slogans like 'We are the 99%' unless of course, you wish to remain poor and disempowered.
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