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Message Subject Why the ILLUMINATI has orchestrated the OWS movement
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've rewritten the last two paras as below due to too many typos..

For any movement to succeed, it is vitally important that its goals are properly and clearly spelled out. The magnified intention and energy of millions of protestors demanding a common goal makes fulfillment of the goals easier. And so, very cleverly, the illuminati have orchestrated the movement without spelling out proper goals. The vagueness of the goals ensures that all the energy of the protestors is wasted on reinforcing their poverty and their ordinariness while at the same time reinforcing the status of the elites as the 1% true rulers and owners of the planet.

So even if sympathize with the OWS crowd, (which you shouldn't) never become a part of it and never raise disempowering slogans like 'We are the 99%' unless, of course, you wish to remain poor and disempowered.
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