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Why would porn sites give you viruses? No one would go back!

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United States
11/21/2011 08:09 PM
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Why would porn sites give you viruses? No one would go back!
Ridiculous, there are lots of great porn sites without tricks, scams, or virusses. You know, there are people that believe that porn should be free to enjoy online. See [link to www.porntub.tv] as an example.

I agree with many posters here like Tony1003, PornTub, nitram and end the hate. If you have at least one good Malware/Adware program like the free AdAware.com one and another good Virus protector to use WITH Windows Defender.

Everyone seems to have their own favorites because of past experiences, so I can't help you there. I will tell you that after using the "Information Superhighway" at least for 15 years, I've found it well worth the $50 bucks a years to PAY for Anti-virus plus type software. To me it just seems that most, if not all the free ones tend to lack that extra oomph(!) that is needed to really keep watch and take care of all the new CRAP that those poor slobs keep putting out because they have no other kind of life or relationships or friends. I'll NEVER understand the reason WHY a total stranger would want to sabotage as many other total strangers entire hard drives and more. Don't they really have anything else going on in their measly existence?

You can ignore Josh Helmick's ignorant comment for the most part. A person usually can tell a "shady site" by just how it looks and navigates. It has a bad "feel" (and vibes) to it also!! I'm serious!

Good Luck and don't worry if you've got at least the above protection (everyone SHOULD, anyway) whether they visit porn sites or not as I've gotten bitten badly from what looked like a reputable site back in the mid '90's. That was BEFORE the "Great Meltdown of Silicon Valley" of course. Didn't the Internet become a much "cleaner" place to surf and browse soon after that happened?

Kind of self-cleaned itself and got rid of all those shady "overnight millionaires'" with their sites too.