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FACT: Russia did not exist at the time of Vikings.

FACT: Vikings did not settle in Prussia. There was active amber trade road to the north and hardly relationship could be hostile. Germans conquered it during North Crusade when Viking era was over.

"Viking" name is not specific to the Nordic. Prussian kings were called Vyting-as. "Vyti" means to fend off, and "vytis" knight (old expression) or (modern) Lithuanian coat of arms. Russian name is passed from Prussia through noble family relationship. Prussia and Russia, names told by different languages sound the same. Russian oldest chronicle "Radvilu kronika" (Radziwill Chronicle) is translation from Lithuanian chronicle (Lithuanian noble family chronicle) where Ukrainian (Kiev or ancient name Kaunogardas) king Rurik is called similarly (it is not the same). You simply do not call king from abroad to rule you, but they did (from Prussia) as they did remember ancient empire before Hunnic invasion. It did not mean Vikings were there. Anyway is it Russian history when it is clearly Ukrainian history?

Russia did not exist before Ivan the Great with events 1460-1494. They started from Moscow religious war, proclaiming as Third Rome and getting in one way or another Novgorod 1478, Yaroslavl 1463, Rostov 1474, Tver 1485, Vyatka 1489, Pskov 1510, etc. These areas were not only culturally and ethnically different.

FACT: This name comes from Prussian town in the delta of Nemunas. It was important trade hub in ancient times. It means "glowing". Look at German name to find something familiar.
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

Map from the late Scythian empire times.
[link to www.istorija.net]
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