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11/21/2011 Market for # 11

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United States
11/22/2011 09:14 AM
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11/21/2011 Market for # 11
I happened to notice some very intriguing numbers. It'z one thing to have the # 11 like once or even twice, but just take a look at this though, especially Kroger & Berkshire Hathaway: [link to img72.imageshack.us]

Also, the NASDAQ-100 Index (which is the one used for the NASDAQ futures) closed @ 2211.14 yesterday 11/21/2011.

This isn't as important, but I've noticed that the 3 big health-care stockz all had 11 elements embedded with them: [link to img824.imageshack.us]

Given the 11/11/11 White House shooting 11 Days prior to 11/22/11, and since nothing too very big happened on 11/11/11, I'm betting that they are gaming for 11/22/11 as the more powerfull date for them.