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By the end of this week it should be apparent whether the legal process can be halted by interference

captain obvious
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United States
10/18/2005 11:53 AM
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By the end of this week it should be apparent whether the legal process can be halted by interference
Their crimes are so heinous that should they attempt to stop the process, their acts will only strengthen the opposition and resolve against them.

GF message by Mike Quinsey:

Ag-agria 10.17.05.

There is much information circulating, and a lot of speculation as to where events are exactly leading. The main one you are focussing on has all of the potential to bring what you desire. That is the removal of key figures in your government, and with it the change of government that is the essential next step. This will happen, as the wheels have been set in motion, and there is no stopping the momentum that is embodied in the call for indictments. By the end of this week it should be apparent whether the legal process can be halted by interference. If not, the beginning of the end is signaled for the last cabal.

You have to remember that there are hundreds of people who are enmeshed in the web of lies and deceit. They are determined to hang on to their positions and will often do whatever they need to survive. The opposition to change is not to be underrated, but it is fragmented and carried out in isolation. Once the last cabal is removed all other resistance will fade away, and the plan for the introduction of new people and new ideas will go ahead. As you are now seeing, there is every tactic used to instill fear and the dark are clinging on to the hope they can still turn things a round.

We have to allow the dark to use the energies that feed their campaign, and it is up to the rest of you to transmute them. The energies have been created, and either they are used or transmuted. In its own way this is how they dissipated, and when the light is focused upon them they lose their power. This is the real battle upon Earth, and fortunately as more people learn of their own powers, so the light is increasing all of the time. Although we see the favorable outcome that will lead to the changes you so much desire, you cannot afford to let up for a moment.

The playing field is not level as the Light has a superior position, and continues to grow exponentially. There is no stopping it, and together with our help it is creating a great web of light all around the Earth. This has an unsettling affect on those who carry the dark energies. They cannot accept the Light and they battle to keep it away. It is not imposed upon them, but should they change they could take it into themselves. To the physical body, the lack of Light means that the chakras are not fully functioning above the lower ones. In turn it results in bodily organs mal-functioning and the heart is one that becomes unhealthy. Those of the dark continually fight against the very conditions they create within themselves, and illness is never far away.

The opposite affect takes place where you are one who practices bringing the Light to you. Your chakras fully open and function in a way that brings bodily health and well being to you. With it comes the ability to still the body when needed, and calmness and clear thinking are your rewards. Those of the dark do not enjoy such clarity of thinking, and you will often find them fighting amongst themselves. Lightworkers easily come together and become a powerful co-ordinated force for good. This is your position right now, and it matters little how much the dark try to defeat the Light, they cannot succeed.

In the Galactic Federation we have seen many situations similar to yours, yet in the ultimate the Light always comes out on top. In the history of the Galaxy there have been many wars, so far reaching that you would not comprehend the scale of them. By comparison your problems are but a small blip on the way to Ascension, and they are being controlled by us. There was a danger that matters could have escalated out of control, and other members of the dark nations could have taken over your planet. Do not worry however, your whole planet is a no go area and they will not be allowed near you.

For obvious reasons, you have no idea of the dangers that lurk in space. However, the Federations that comprise of peaceful planets are more than a match for the dark forces who keep out of their way. You need to bear in mind that it is not only on Earth that freewill operates, and there are other groups that are aware of the Light but have no desire to embrace it at present. Eventually it must be that all return to the Light, but meantime they carry on experiencing in their chosen way.

Earth is a very special planet that attracts a lot of attention, and this is why we have been your Guardians for so long. There has always been a plan for your evolution, and we have played our part in ensuring that it works out. On other higher levels there are also great spiritual Beings that wield enormous power handling the different rays of light that continually beam to Earth. They help develop your higher bodies as you climb out of the lower vibrations. You are returning to your completeness that you had when you first elected to drop down into them.

The work that has taken place over eons of time will not be lost because of the actions of the last cabal. They will have their fling believing they can succeed, but they are already fighting a rearguard action, and they have lost this fight. We of the Galactic Federation are here on a mission to ensure that you are well prepared for the next cycle, and in no way can we be deflected from it. Although the dark resist change, their efforts are puny compared to our ability to protect you. We shall introduce all we have promised, and indeed you shall see the promised land.

I am Ag-agria and let you know that we are amongst you, and that you should try to keep your distance from what is happening. Keep calm and do not allow the fear tactics to pull you into the morass. You will have worries, but believe that the outcome is assured as we are really so close to First Contact. We send our Love to you continually, and we also feel your affection for us. We know we are welcome and soon we shall be openly amongst you all.

Thank you Ag-agria.