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Message Subject I Believe I'm One Of The Witnesses Of Revelation - God Told Me I'm John The Baptist In A Series Of Dreams (SERIOUS, WILL SHOW EVIDENCE)
Poster Handle Johnthewitness
Post Content
Dreams - White People are the Lost Tribes of Israel
[link to johnthewitness.wordpress.com]

When I became a Christian one of the first things that I began researching was the Lost Tribes of Israel. I was already a racialist before becoming a Christian, so I assumed part of the reason that God called me was because of some of the beliefs which I already had.

Sure enough I found a lot of evidence to suggest that white people are indeed the Lost Tribes of Israel. I disagree with some of the Christian Identity movements that say that only Northwest Europeans are Israelites. I think God gives each race various identifying clues. For example, the Hamitic races have dark skin, similar skull shape, and for the most part fall under roughly similar IQ ranges. Obviously God would give all Israelites similar identifying clues. European, Russians and Jewish people can have colorful eyes, can have light colored hair, white skin, the same skull shape, and have scores that fall within roughly the same ranges on IQ tests as well.

Months ago, I had read something, though I can't remember what it was, that had made me really angry and depressed about the current self-genocidal situation that white people around the world are in today.

I started to ruminate about the lack of concern that most whites seem to have over the horrible crimes that are being committed against them. Their birth rates are at an all time low, they are getting raped and murdered in mass, they are being exterminated but don't care in the slightest. Eventually my depression and anger became more self focused and I started to reflect on my own life.

Later that night I had a dream where I was talking to someone from across a little table. This is how most of my dreams are, I don't realize I am talking to God until I wake up. He said "Israel is a victim, you are a victim." There was more to it that than, but at the moment this is the only part of the dream that I remember. I think God confirmed my belief that all white people are Israelites. He didn't clarify, or correct me in any way, so I believe I am right that the Mediterranean whites, and Eastern European peoples are Israelites as well.

Russians, far from being Gog and Magog, are Israelites as well. Why would a country with such a rich Christian history be Gog and Magog? Russia is Satan's counterfeit Gog and Magog. Gog and Magog is a Japhethite nation.
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