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Message Subject I Believe I'm One Of The Witnesses Of Revelation - God Told Me I'm John The Baptist In A Series Of Dreams (SERIOUS, WILL SHOW EVIDENCE)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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[link to Johnthewitness.wordpress.com]

Satan's Plan

Satan knows Bible prophecy like the back of his hand. How is Satan going to deceive scrupulous Bible savvy Christians who are watchful and weary of any moves towards a one world government? These Christians know that the Bible warns about a Satanic End Times kingdom and they would cause an uproar at the formation of such. Satan therefore must disarm these Christians. He must create a puppet Illuminati organization which presides over the creation of this supposed New World Order, he will create a counterfeit of all the major prophecies in Revelation, a counterfeit regathering of Israel, a counterfeit mark of the beast, a counterfeit New World Order, a counterfeit Mystery Babylon the Great etc. Then Satan, posing as Yeshua, will come to earth disguised as an alien, he will pretend to be the defeater of the New World Order. These Christians, believing that the prophecies have already been fulfilled, will look to Satan as their savior. He will then hand out the real mark of the beast, most Christians, believing that Satan was already defeated will have no problem taking this mark, as they will believe it is Yeshua's symbol. Satan's great plan of deception is to make Revelation happen before it actually happens.
 Quoting: Johnthewitness

That's very interresting that part. I don't know about the rest of it, but that part is intriguing.
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