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Message Subject I Believe I'm One Of The Witnesses Of Revelation - God Told Me I'm John The Baptist In A Series Of Dreams (SERIOUS, WILL SHOW EVIDENCE)
Poster Handle Johnthewitness
Post Content
Dreams - Virus on the Way?
[link to johnthewitness.wordpress.com]

I had a dream that leads me to believe that there will be a virus outbreak or scare sometime in the near future. God didnít give any clues as to when this will happen but it will obviously happen within the next 3.5 years. Probably sooner rather than later.

The following is just some speculation, none of this has been confirmed by God, but I think this virus might play an important role in the defeat of the counterfeit New World Order. By creating a series of counterfeits and fakes, Satan is going to make Revelation happen before it actually happens. Thatís his great deception. Some of the high power Satanists, such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, will allow Satan to use them as a sacrifice. Satan needs to make it look like the New World Order was already defeated. Obviously some people will have to take the fall.

I wouldnít be surprised if Satan adds some racial element in this Virus scare. Most likely he will claim that the New World Order put this virus in vaccines and specifically targeted other races. One of Godís End Time revelations is the fact that white people are the Lost Tribes of Israel, Satan is going to have to make whites as guilty as possible, as he has been doing since the cultural revolution 60′s, to prevent them from accepting this fact. He also is going to try and prevent as many Gentiles as possible from finding the truth. Which is why he has been brainwashing the Gentiles into hating white people.

Everything will be opposite in the End Times. Gentiles will be brainwashed into hating whites, and whites will be brainwashed into hating themselves. You will have to rise above your collective conditioning to navigate your way through Satanís deceptions. Whites will need to get over their guilt, and Gentiles will need to rise above their hatred.
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