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Message Subject I Believe I'm One Of The Witnesses Of Revelation - God Told Me I'm John The Baptist In A Series Of Dreams (SERIOUS, WILL SHOW EVIDENCE)
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

1. Reincarnation is a PAGAN DOCTRINE - NOT God's. John the Baptist was beheaded (read Mark 6:14-29).

2. If you were John the Baptist reincarnated, you would NOT have to prove you were him - Did Jesus have to convince people He was God by explaining Himself? People had FAITH, they saw MIRACLES, they witnessed TRUTH from SCRIPTURE. They didn't need Jesus to explain himself.

3. God told His prophets EXACT TIMES AND DATES, for example: Noah (Read Genesis 6). If God had said to Noah that a flood would come SOMETIME/ANYTIME in the future then how would Noah be critically prepared and not succumb to complacency? God TOLD Noah EXACTLY what was to happen and, just as importantly, WHEN.

That's all I can think of in my sleepy state, but seeing this thread just disgusted me enough to comment.

You are NOT John the Baptist - what you are saying is STRAIGHT from Satan.

Repent now and turn to Jesus to help rid these controlling demons from your life.

If you were saved once and allowed those demons back in, then your REALLY gonna need Jesus' help in ridding them.

Fast and pray.

Be vigilant!
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