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Message Subject Verichip : The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle Dease
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I agree that it's the Verichip, most likely. I think it will be offered first as a "convenience", then will become mandatory in order to buy, sell, trade, work, get medical care, etc. I just pray that people are understanding of what is going on, and I pray that I, and everyone else, actually has the faith and strength to suffer the consequences of NOT taking this microchip. I worry about my kids, and about my very young grandchildren, all of whom are very accepting of how computers & technology have taken over our lives.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 774668

I agree with you. First it will be a convenience, and it will be a gradual process to becoming globally mandatory. If it happened all of the sudden, people would be unaccepting. It will be presented in such a way that people will have gotten used to the idea. This will probably be done through ID cards to give people a "taste" so they won't freak out when it's implemented. I also pray that people understand what's going on. Many people have no clue. I know if I had not been rasied in church and had pastors explain all of this to me, I would be totally clueless as well. That's why it's our job to tell everyone we know, Even if they don't agree with us, at least we will have told them the truth. Also, as things progress, the same people who rejected us might realize we're right, and resist the mark. By telling them we are planting a seed in their heart, and it's always worth it. I will pray that your kids and grandchildren will listen to what you have to say,
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