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Message Subject Verichip : The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle Dease
Post Content
When VeriChip first started trading, I purchased some shares. At the time they were giving it to pets and I thought it was a good thing. After owning it for a short period of time I decided to sell it because it just didn't feel right. Now I see the real game the evil ones are playing. I feel like many of you about this chip. The controller will be able to change the frequency and make us a slave without a thought in our heads or they can just turn us off by giving us any disease they want. Our bodies vibrate and that is what produces energy or bliss. When our vibration lowers due to bad diet, water, and air we start to decompose which then causes DIS EASE. If our vibration is high then our energy levels are high. That is my theory.

These Chips are Evil. The sad thing is many will run out and get this chip simply because they will fall for the propaganda about how great it will make our lives.

Peace to all
 Quoting: Amy_A

I think I agree with your theory about disease. The chip would give them the power to do pretty much anything they wanted. I"m glad you got rid of that stock. It may be worth alot, but it's money from the devil, and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. People are going to run out and get it as you said. Those who dont' get it will face a great deal of persecution....maybe not at first, but eventually. I imagine it to be something like the Holocaust. This is why we must be strong in our faith. When it gets bad, we need to think to ourselves "This is only a test", because it is. If we resist the mark, and pass the test, then it won't matter what happens to us, because we'll be in Heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ.
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