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Message Subject Verichip : The Mark of the Beast
Poster Handle Dease
Post Content
Ok the top 3 possible outcomes for the mark that I have realized so far are:

1) Micro Chip..which is implanted in either the head or hand.
2) Love/Greed for money, worship of money
3) Cell phones...specifically Iphone

Im debunking the social security number because every one is given one at birth. And the bible preaches to those who ACCEPT the mark. How could I accepted getting a SS # when i was days old...?

And Im also saying that names that you have are false as well...Jesus was Jesus, that was his birth name, and im sure my birth name is as real as his, so that makes it impossible for anyone's name to be the mark of the beast.

Now to the real shit....The micro chip, which is being wildly discussed about, is deff the fore runner in the mark race. It will be implanted in your hand or head , possible through VACCINATION (which you being a human being can reject or take it) I read some article that a Templar Knight's tomb was discovered and inside were predictions about 2012. One of them was that an Israeli scientist came up with a formula that eliminates aging thus making you live forever. To make the story short, it is used through VACCINATION and people can CHOSE to get it. Now that fact is that living forever is agreeing to never die thus making you go against Gods law of life. "The wage of sin is death". So with Millions or Billions taking it knowing they will live forever, the Government can easily slip the micro chip in it as well.

Ill talk about the money and phones later...
 Quoting: RivyRivs

You've made some great points. I agree about the SS#. Those are actually pre-determined sometimes before you're even born. There's no way you could willingly "accept" that. Because of this, I eliminated that possibility. The formula thing sounds pretty likely as well. If you think about it, Satan is a counterfeit god right? He tries to imitate everything God does, or at least create an illusion to us that things are of God when they're not. The antichrist is his ultimate counterfeit creation. God promises us eternal life in Heaven. So, if he wanted to imitate God, what better way than to offer his followers "eternal life"?
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