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Message Subject Lady Gaga and Psychopathic Records involved with Lina Morgana's death
Poster Handle Queen Nefretitty
Post Content
Ok, I did actually go and watch this video. I have to assume your "calabiyauasaurus" since I was the first and only one to comment on the video. You must have been waiting for someone to and when nobody did you to become proactive and post it here.

All I can say to anyone else is I wasted 12 minutes watching one assumption piled on top of another. Talk about your faulty theory! For instance:

Since Lady Gaga mentions a DJ from another label in one of her songs then she must know other people from that label and they must have in turn, decided to refer to, symbolically of course, the suicide/murder of Lina Morgana in some of their videos. Have I got this right? Are you serious? If you had just gone with the symbols Gaga uses in her own videos I might have considered your theory.
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