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Message Subject Lady Gaga and Psychopathic Records involved with Lina Morgana's death
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Did you obtain permission to use clips of their copyrighted material?
 Quoting: willybubba

No, but I don't need to because it complies with "fair use", and that's beside the point. Go back to your Moriah clubhouse.

"Video makers have the right to use as much of the original work as they need to in order to put it under some kind of scrutiny. Comment and critique are at the very core of the fair use doctrine as a safeguard for freedom of expression. So long as the maker analyzes, comments on, or responds to the work itself, the means may vary. Commentary may be explicit (as might be achieved, for example, by the addition of narration) or implicit (accomplished by means of recasting or recontextualizing the original). In the case of negative commentary, the fact that the critique itself may do economic damage to the market for the quoted work (as a negative review or a scathing piece of ridicule might) is irrelevant."

Also, revisions made, old video taken down.

[link to www.youtube.com]

Link will work when it's done processing.
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