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Message Subject Lady Gaga and Psychopathic Records involved with Lina Morgana's death
Poster Handle Ryda 4 Life
Post Content
Psychopathic Records is to blame for any crime that has been done by a juvenile, teen and person in their mid twenties that doesn't fit in with the jocks, nerds, cool kids, and anyone of the "mainstream music listener" cliques.
This is total bullshit.
First off I have a Hatchetman Tattoo that I got in 1999 in support of my favorite record label. NOW If pulled over and a cop catches a glimpse of the tattoo I am arrested and labeled a "dangerous member of the juggalo gang!!!" Talk about bullshit.
There are outcasts that call themselves juggalos and most of them itís just a fad and just because a few of them are in gangs or steal or commit crimes doesn't mean everyone who listens to Psychopathic Records artists are "Gang Members" that is outrageous.
And notice the Psychopathic Guys aren't MAINSTREAM. The mainstream record labels got these politicians in their back pockets. So an underground record label starts creating buzz because they are producing talented artists that are selling records. So the Money that is not going into the Pockets of the 5-8 MAIN music labels. So all of a sudden "these Satan Worshipers need to be stopped".
It seems funny that the artists on mainstream record labels like Slayer for instance come off like their shit don't stink but they reference Satan worshiping in all of their albums constantly. How come Hippies arenít in the gang unitís drug dealer/user database from the 60's and N.W.A., Eazy-E, Ice Cube, and all the other gangsta rappers are not in the Gang Database? Because of MONEY and their willingness to pay it to mainstream labels. There are 5 to 8 Mainstream labels that RUN the music industry and if you want to do music and not be a part of their money making racquet then your band will be accused of everything from Gang activity to Human Sacrifice to Satanism. Slayer puts out a CD named "SOUTH OF HEAVEN" with an upside down pentagram on the cover and nobody says shit. ICP puts out a CD called "Bang Pow Boom" and they are a Gang now! WTF???
Wake up people! Itís all about corporate greed and nothing about the musicís content. Also how come if a person commits murder and they listen to Psychopathic artists then it is the musicís fault but if they listen to any other kind of music, even Gangsta Rap that depicts doing drive bys, committing murders if someone snitches, Killing people for just about any reason imaginable and killing another artists. This ďMainstreamĒ music is not even mentioned when they go to court for their crimes.
Also this anti juggalo campaign is actually boosting Psychopathic Records Sales!
Wake up America! Even if you hate ICP and their label you need to realize that if they (The FBI) win this one then that opens the door to censor any and all music and put you on the gang database or the drug watch database, etc... Just for being a listener!
How many of us were into the latest fads when we were of school age? Could you imagine being 40 years old and being put in a Gang Database because of a fad from when you were 15? Doesnít this seem a little excessive to you?
It is like saying if you listen to 50 Cent then you must sell crack cocaine and be a gangster that carries and uses guns or if you listen to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Jimi Hendrix just to name a small few you must be a drug addict. Or if you listen to Marylin Manson you are going to arm yourself with assault rifles and go on a shooting spree at your local High School!
When I was in High School (1989-1993) the hair metal bands were popular and we were known as the "headbangers" or "grits" but does that mean I was in the "Headbanger Gang"???
This has gone too far when the FBI can pick and choose Bands and put listeners of this band in a GANG DATABASE. Do you know how this can totally destroy the music industry?
The FBI will now have the power to list ANYONE they want as a GANG, Drug Dealer, User, Armed and Dangerous Individual, EtcÖ just because of the music they choose to support and listen too!
So if you listen to Willie Nelson then the FBI will be able label you as a Drug Dealer and user!
If you listen to Snoop Dogg (An Admitted member, possibly former member of the Crips) then the FBI would have the power to label you as a CRIP!!!
Am I the only person that sees how this has the potential to destroy the first amendment, the music industry as we know it and label law abiding citizens as GANG MEMBERS or Drug Dealers/Users, among other serious criminals?
Doctors, Lawyers, Police Officers, Government Workers, EtcÖ would now be able to be put in these databases which for sure ending their careers just because they support or supported their favorite bands even as long as 30 years ago!
Donít think about Psychopathic Records or ICP think about losing your job that you have had for 40 years because you attended Woodstock when you were 15 years old! You get it now?

This could and will open a Pandoraís Box that can never be closed. Like how pro choice people refer to Roe Vs. Wade the future of music very much could be referenced to Psychopathic Records Vs. The FBI.

I am and you should be very worried as well about the outcome of this lawsuit because the future of our constitution and music we are allowed by Big Brother to listen to hangs in the balance.

Thank you for listening, Ryda 4 Life
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