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Message Subject so you want to know the secret? this is what has been hidden from us
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So from what I've gathered the maker of this film is in jail and 2 died and several were injured at 1 of his "teachings" And this is who is supposed to guide me towards what I want? Jerry Hicks, Esther(Abraham)Hicks husband also died this week by the way. Not judging a book by its cover but, take this info in with a grain of salt.
 Quoting: MaJorMan 1528213

2 died that day and one was in a coma with total organ failure for a week before dying, with others still suffering organ damage and disability to this day. Their 'believe and it will happen' didn't help them but he had made them believe they could just think anything and it would be possible, such as surviving a super hot sweat lodge for 5 hours a day after being on a vision quest in the desert with no food or water for 48 hours.

At the time of October 2009 deaths, he had built a self-help empire out of his seminars, books, and DVDs. He had been a guest on Oprah and made a cameo in The Secret. He had gone from coach to guru to international brand. And for signature events like the Spiritual Warrior week, his followers got a double dose of the Ray brand: he dictated how much they ate and drank (not much), the pace of their activities (grueling) and how they should respond to the increasingly intense demands of the retreat (by agreeing time and again to "play full on"). Ray hectored his charges constantly about facing their demons and not submitting to fear; some of those speeches were recorded and became incriminating evidence at the trial. Jurors needed less than 12 hours to decide that Ray was the architect of the evening and, ultimately, the one who was accountable for the suffering. He faces up to 11 years in prison. Sentencing is later this month.

[link to www.time.com]
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