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Message Subject so you want to know the secret? this is what has been hidden from us
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i know nobody will of watched this video yet , but when somebody does take the time too please leave a comment here for others to see, i am sure who ever watches it too will agree with me on everything i said above
 Quoting: IF ONLY

The documentary film has been out for years already. I own it. I feel that it is not complete. There is at least one missing component.....that of Karma in ones life. If this were really the secret to being successful, fulfilled & happy in life, then why is not everyone who already watched the film, read the book etc., not successful. I'm not buying it. It was a nice moneymaker for those involved in the making of the film, but that's where it ended.
 Quoting: ohhappydays

listen to yourself....... this is exactly why you have had no effect from this video, you do not believe it in your heart, maybe one day you will see the light good luck m8ty
 Quoting: IF ONLY

The fact is... this is money-making mumbo jumbo. According to quantum mechanics, some level of reality IS actually created by human interaction. If you want to learn about how "the law of attraction" really works then read "The Holographic Universe" or "Science and The Akashic field". Those books are a good read... and represent a TRUE picture of the collective consciousness... and how our minds do actually interweave with and help shift reality. "The secret" is bullshit... It's a money-making, "rich dad, poor dad" type of greedy business-minded, self-entitled garbage.

Read about physics, it's a lot more beautiful than this made-up stuff.

Also... Buddhism has been around for centuries... and "the secret" is essentially a rehashing of that, which some self-entitled greed thrown into it. Want to appreciate your life more? Read "The Essence of Buddhism" or any book about Buddhism.

Do not bother with the secret.
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