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Message Subject Does your Ears Ring? - Ringing Ears Questionaire
Poster Handle Gannon
Post Content

1. Do you experience Ringing in One or Both Ears?


2. If so, what type of ringing?

Both extreme high and low frequencies. It is not consistent.

3. How long have you had the ringing for?

The high frequency in some version forever, the low hum only became troublesome in the past five years. I've been analyzing the LF hum for over a year, and actually MEASURED extraordinary energy at both ends of the spectrum one morning a few months back. I posted an image of my device on another forum...I cannot post images here.

4. Do you feel that the ringing is caused by Ear damage , natural reasons or old age...or does it seem like its not normal?

The low frequency hum is certainly not normal. I've been active on both this site and my home board, www.DetroitYES.com, participating in hum discussions.

The high frequencies are all of the above. I've some damage due a Van Halen concert at Cobo Hall in Detroit 1980 in my right ear. Ever since, I've grown increasingly diligent with hearing protection in loud environments...carrying my Mack's PillowSoft solid-silicone earplugs everywhere.

My eyes and ears have been my livelihood. I've been in the home entertainment electronics industry since 1981, peaking as Technical Editor of a major home theater journal a decade ago.

I am almost fifty, so there is most certainly some aging, too.

5. on Nov 9th did you "Listen" to the National FEMA test on TV or Radio.?


6. If you DID listen to the National FEMA test ..does your Ears Ring more or louder or do the Ring Less now? ...bout the same..or cant tell?

7. Is the Ringing loudest before you go to bed?

Always. But, the external sounds which mask it are greatly reduced, so the extra sounds are much more apparent. The LFs cycle at specific periods, so they are apparently being manipulated to interrupt sleep patterns...of this I have little doubt.

8. Do you feel tingling in the back of your head?

Yes. Most often with the weirdest of the LF sounds. I've taken to praying/meditating in a deep, old tub...while I enjoy the soaking, it is one of the few places these sounds do not plague my psyche.

9. Do you feel you are a Lightworker, Starseed, Indigo child or feel you have an alien past life?

I am here for a purpose, I don't know what to call myself. There is no reason I've survived so many near-death instances for it to be co-incidence. I'll leave the naming up to my Maker.

10. on a Scale of 1 to 10 How Giving are you to others? (Service to Others)

10-Very. Occasionally at cost to myself and my well-being.

11. On a Scale from 1 to 10 How Self Serving are you ..thus ignoring the needs of others? How much of a Loner are you? (Service to Self)

Strange to consider. I spend a great deal of time alone, but thinking on the larger issues at hand...for the greater GOOD of others. So, others may misinterpret this as being selfish...when most times I am merely overwhelmed.

12. Do you live in Large City, Medium Town, Small Town or Country area?

I live just outside Detroit, roughly a mile from the river. So, Large City. BUT...I have heard the LF hum even as far north as Petoskey, on Crooked Lake just past the tourist season. That is where it became an issue to be researched for me. I haven't let up on it since!

I am very much interested in following your survey. Please keep me in the loop for collation and analysis.

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