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Message Subject Does your Ears Ring? - Ringing Ears Questionaire
Poster Handle Dease
Post Content
1. Do you experience Ringing in One or Both Ears? ((If you dont experience any ringing at all , please reply with "No , Ears dont Ring" and then you dont have to reply on the rest)) Both

2. If so, what type of ringing?..Does it sound like an old TV or is it a hum or is it off and on. etc It is a high pitched consistent beep sound....kind of like when a microphone gets too close to an amp.

3. How long have you had the ringing for? A couple years

4. Do you feel that the ringing is caused by Ear damage , natural reasons or old age...or does it seem like its not normal? I am a drummer/musician, so I believe it's from playing w/o ear plugs. I've gotten better about that now.

5. on Nov 9th did you "Listen" to the National FEMA test on TV or Radio.? No, I purposely went outside at the time.

6. If you DID listen to the National FEMA test ..does your Ears Ring more or louder or do the Ring Less now? ...bout the same..or cant tell? n/a

7. Is the Ringing loudest before you go to bed? sometimes

8. Do you feel tingling in the back of your head? no

9. Do you feel you are a Lightworker, Starseed, Indigo child or feel you have an alien past life? n/a...don't believe in all that

10. on a Scale of 1 to 10 How Giving are you to others? (Service to Others) 5

11. On a Scale from 1 to 10 How Self Serving are you ..thus ignoring the needs of others? How much of a Loner are you? (Service to Self) 5, and for the loner part....7. It's not that I dislike people. I just prefer to hang out with my family at home versus large crowds, and often prefer my quiet time alone too.

12. Do you live in Large City, Medium Town, Small Town or Country area? medium town
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