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Message Subject Does your Ears Ring? - Ringing Ears Questionaire
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Tinnitus is a very common sign of aging. In medicine there is a saying, look for horses first then zebras. Horses are common, zebras rare. Implying that patients have tinnitus and implying a rare outlandish cause might be within the realm of possibility, but a much more likely cause is listening to loud music 10-20 years ago and paying the price now. This also would mean that maybe something that the patient did created the conditions that allowed the injury to happen. Many people don't want to take personal responsibility for their health. Blaming it on a zebra cause makes them feel like victims.

Don't get me wrong. There are certainly things that might be causing tinnitus. Maybe certain folks are more sensitive and hence they can perceive some auditory effect of an odd frequency that is being generated by natural or artificial means. But is it likely?

A real survey for a medical condition will ask people about all kinds of occupational or recreational activities that might have caused it, like loud repetitive machinery and no hearing protection, or being a hunter or target shooter, etc.
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