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Message Subject Does your Ears Ring? - Ringing Ears Questionaire
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
this is the latest wave of secret mind control attacks on the american population

you used to see werid posts on the internet by people who were being targeted with microwave beams

now it's ringing ears

implanted devices emit modulated tones which vibrate throughout the head and trigger neural responses for which those tones have beens specifically tuned and patterned to incite.

they can cause you to experience emotions, states of conciousness, urges, i've experienced this myself. they can also cause pain in many parts of the body

listening to white noise can greatly reduce the effect …especially the first time you try it.

try it if listening to white noise suddenly allows you to regain mental focus or eliminates the effects ive described, that is a strong sign you have been implanted with a device

google "psychoacoustic correction fbi"
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