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Message Subject Does your Ears Ring? - Ringing Ears Questionaire
Poster Handle LiT
Post Content
I do have a ringing in the ears. If it's completely silent... I can focus on the "droning" noise that seems overwhelming, but only if completely silent. I think that it's a medical condition.

However, at times... (happened as I was reading this) there was the other ringing noise that i get.

It's like a diiiiing... and goes away.

It could be early onset tinnitus?

Idk. I'm only 23... but my hearing is terrible, anyway.

I live in a small town... and work in a big town. (mostly country and hilly area)

Not really religious, I guess.

I used to have a thing with numbers. 11:11... not so much as I did with 747.

I usually always have the tv on as background noise, lol.

I've accepted Jesus as my savior a few times in life... but always come to skepticism. Just stupid things, I guess.

Like, what if his name isn't even Jesus? lol.

Used to think I was something like a light worker... but I think that's some sort of coping mechanism. I've done some shitty things in life.

I'm a pretty big loner... I'm not really egotistical, though. I try to be caring and I will do things for others without trying to expect anything back. It's a process, I try to better myself.

My karma is probably not that good...haha.

Question 10 is very odd.... My mom passed away on April 17 of this year.

it was very weird. she came to me, asked me a question about how things were going... and then she died an hour later. nobody knew she was sick or if she even was sick. nobody expected it.... and still we don't know how she died.

a massive heart attack is what the experts guess. i hate knowing that ill never know.

I'm still a little shook up about it.
She was only 43, and I miss her dearly.

She was the only parent that raised me.
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