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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle Olin
Post Content
Every sign has those "other" signs that they do not get along
with. A lot depends on gender also. Certain female signs get
along with people that males of the same signs don't.

Being a Leo, I have met guys that I just want to slap until they
cry. They almost always are Virgos. Men that just irritate me
as being buttheads usually are Libras. Please, no offense intended
to those 2 signs.

Taurus women usually are too hard headed for me to have a
deep relationship with, however, my wife of 30 years is a Taurus.
Sagittarius women are a weakness for me as they
are not to be controlled and I tend to try to control people.
So they become unattainable..dammit!
Sagittarius guys are instant friends usually.
Aquarian guys are usually my better guy buds, the women just make
me laugh, for the right reasons. Comfortable and fun.

I'm sure I irritate... wait.. I know I irritate some people by
being arrogant or head strong. If a situation comes up that
requires someone to take charge and everyone else just stands
there with their thumb up their butt, I will take charge just
to get the job done. Hate people who cannot or won't think
fast enough to make a decision. Slow thinkers are like a
fingernail on a blackboard to me. Altho, the gentleman that
works for me (a Taurus) is a slow thinker. He will do anything I ask as
long as I show him how and that is the only way.. forever.. that
he will do it. So I have to be sure I show him the right way
the first time. No thinking outside the box for him. Been
with me for over 10 years, 2 different companies.

Our daughter is a Gemini, she's actually 2 or more people
depending on the subject and direction of the wind. We just
wait to see what mood she's in before pushing anything.

The boy is a Taurus. Quiet, stocky, grazes on his PS3 & computer,
has no idea what he wants to do when he grows
up, which is in about 6 years, smart kid, good opinions on
the real world when I can get him to talk. Stubborn like his
mom. But it's cool. They give me room to hiss & roar and throw
tantrums. They just watch, chewing their cud, with a cow
eyed look of "Are you finished yet?" Yeah.. it's a good life.

So, it all depends. You also have to factor in the moon signs
and the rising signs as they will alter each main sign to a certain

Every sign is a blessing in their own right. You just have to find
the right ones to get close to.
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