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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle judas was 13th constall.
Post Content
there used to be 13 zodiac signs. and at roughly 2000 years each, fit within the approx 26000 yr Great Year nicely

there were 13 months in the year, of 29 days each (nearly a lunar month) . this gave 364 days.

the bullshit bible story of Judas is actually the allegorical story of how the calendar was to be forever changed from 13 months , to the now standard 12 month zodiac

so to answer the question - i am going with the sign that Judas represented to be the worst one, now can you locate between which two existing constellations that would be? think hard...
 Quoting: JUDAS 1572549

I always thought Judas was an allegorical representation of pisces. Or am I wrong..?

Maybe this has something to do with Ophiuchus... who knows.
 Quoting: Rockarchy

this site has some of the best bible interpretation, the judas page is here (most of the astrological info is near the bottom)

[link to www.usbible.com]

please note the 30 pieces of silver for Judas was given back - meaning that his 30 degrees of arc in the sky was forfeited

check out the whole site - interesting
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