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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle Indian Elder
Post Content
Jumping in here, but with some predjudice(sp). Im an Aquarian and so is my husband. I have 7 planets involved in "T" squares, he has trines and nice aspects. So altho we are the same sign, my life was difficult albeit full of adventure and travel and meeting great people. He mostly goes fishing or in the deep forest photographing moose and wolves never even knowing what month it is until it snows.THe sun is only one of twelve planets and the sun/moon make up only a third of what makes you tick.

Aries: Drive too fast (incurring tickets) never finish anything except in bed where they finish faster than anyone else.Aries rising goes bald earlyl
Taurus: Really sweet likeable people. Feed them and they are your friend forever. Stubborn but hard to get mad at them.:
Gemini: All talk and no action. Dualistic, usually two homes or two cars...hard for them to be faithfull. Interesting sometimes.;
Cancer: Lots of them bankers or in baseball, Oddly enough. Very good with money, supposed to be good nesters, home builders but I find them overly dramatic and yet cool emotionally all at once.
Leo: I dont have time to be their audience, which is all they want from you besides real gold jewelry. They feel they deserve it and are always better than everyone else. They bore me to death.
Virgo:A friend asked me how to attract one. I said use lysol as perfume and white sheets with hospital corners,LOL. They over analyze but make great nurses and teachers. I hired them all the time as they work overtime free just to finish something correctly.They are either really picky or slobs.
Libra. I like them. they are generally ok, but can be trouble makers because they like to stir the coals and then sit back and watch you argue with someone. Their houses are usually nicely decorated.
Scorpio: There are 12 signs yet 50% of all rapists and violent people are hyper jealous, possesive scorpip men...but they are also good slash and cut butchers, surgeons and detectives.I NEVER get along with scorpio or Gemini. Life is good if I avoid them.Of all the mean comments this post will raise, 90%will be from them, LOL
Saggitaurus: The eternal playboys. Commitment phobic world travelors. Ok for a fun time if you dont want to get serious. I used to match them up with Geminis just for fun. But they do have a good sense of humour and can get spiritual in their own way as they age unlike the phoney Pisces.
Capricorn: Not too much to say. Longest lived of all because they dont show emotion. they are pretty predictible but good friends. Just dont ask for a loan.
Aquarius: Over 60per cent of all inventors are this sign. We never were "in the box". We are witty and smart and enjoy our own company. I dont think we are capable of deep abiding love unless its the grandkids. We are survivors par exellance. We have the wildest hair of all...but we dont care what we look like usually.
PiSces:Couldnt you just slap them.But theyd probably like that. Jeesh!! whiney, head in the clouds...they all think they are great dancers or painters but its the other signs who carry it off. And they all SEEM so weak. But thats their hook. More weaknesses for drugs and alcohol here than anywhere else.
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