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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle queenbee
Post Content
my husband is probably the best man on the plantet-- and he is a gemini, though pretty close up to cancer. his moon sign is also gemini. i do see two sides of him (or are there 4?), but they both have the same morals. one is soft and squishy and one is all business.

i think that i've heard that aries is the beginning and pisces is the end. so, perhaps you can think of aries as the "least evolved" and pisces as the "wisest" except for one thing: i think you can end up cycling through multiple times.

so, at least pisces ain't no baby soul. either an old soul about to "make it" or an old soul about to get its come-uppance.

i am...just as the song says: "pisces, virgo rising is a very good sign... strong and kind"

i've met a few sociopaths, i think they come in every flavor.

i think moralistic people come in all flavors too.
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