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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm the vary definition of Pisces.

It sucks.

My feet are always hurt, weak, in pain...etc

I'm creative and all but so fucking gullible it's ruined my life... Pisces are usually the victims.. and this is true! I'm a sucker and even on here i bought that fucking Iraqi Dinar

I'm so shy it's ruined my life and I'm an ultra loaner and the older I get the more detached and un-enjoyable being with friends is...

I'm a dreamer in the clouds and i just want to be left alone and i have a hard time in a work environment b/c i don't understand people and i'm overly sensitive to everything...even thou i'm usually the best worker, best producer and most efficient..

My intuition is so incredible that it makes me boarder line insane and i'm so empathetic I can't stand to be around many types of people. sorry you are all alike and even have seen copies and they have the same traits..

but i'm a kick ass swimmer. I have to swim every other day to get rid of negativity. After I swim for 20-40 minutes I have such sense of balance and power and feel so purified.
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