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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle chulahoma
Post Content
My mom is a Gemini. She never hurt a fly. Super kind and hardworking.

Every sign has its negative attributes, so it kinda depends on personal experience and who you know.

But I think the sign with the most potential for real evil is Scorpio. A Scorpio observes. It's in a Scorpio's nature to be curious, always learning how other people work, and they are able to spot others' shortcomings almost intuitively. Because of this, Scorp's able to fucking tear someone apart by utilizing his/her deepest insecurities.

Also, the possessive/jealous side of Scorpio could lead him/her to do very bad things. It's hard but as a Scorpio you have to always keep your passionate emotions in check.

Much love to Scorpios.. if their positive traits are nurtured, Scorpios are kind, philosophical, and never boring :D
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