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Message Subject Which is the worst zodiac sign to be born under?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cancer....the name speaks volumes; sorry some if the people I know best, and really can't tolerate; chip firmly planted on shoulder.

Pices...too sensitive, light and dreamy, don't get in the way if their fairy tale or they will hang you out to dry...instantly!!!

Libra...aka Lying Libras! My son is a Libra, and they are known for their strong sense of justice (scales of justice)...what I didnt know, they will say or do anything, to that end, and immediately forget about it...its a personal kind of justice, so don't quote the Libra, they will laugh and say, "ha ha, I forgot I said that, I just wanted.....oh yeah they will tell anyone anything, just for the audience.

I have no issue with the Gemini, sure they have two very distinct personalities...but it's all over their face, so you know how they feel...

The Leo is the best sign overall....just ask any of us, and we'll high five each other....kinda weird, but true
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