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Message Subject Obama - The Anti-Israel President
Poster Handle Lucifersrighthand
Post Content

That video was funny! :D

Yep yep... the whole world agains israel... maybe if israel dident paint itself into a corner of takeing land, killing children and takeing their organs.... maybe the arabs would be " humm... israelis.. they are a cool bunsh of ppl" .. you see when a israeli is killed in israel by an arab, the killer never gets killed but 100 innocent people who dident have anything to do with the killing of the israeli...

If you have that kind of game running, you will find yourself pretty damn lonely after a while and people would seek to kill your ass...

Thats just my view of it, the problem is that in these bullshit wars, there is always innocent people who gets killed, while the rich bastards with their fat bellys sit and eat gourmet food...

id say bring the israeli, iranian, syrian, turkish, american, egyptian, lebanese gouverments into the colleseum in rome, arm them with swords and axes....the once who make it out alive gets to rule for 10 years... then its back to the ring and do it all over again.... let the rich kill the rich while the poor can look at it from the side and make bets.
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