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When algorithms decide the faith of humanity.

Alpha C. Christian
User ID: 5997850
Czech Republic
12/04/2011 07:29 AM
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When algorithms decide the faith of humanity.
My father and his friends devised a plan before I was born to cleanse the earth from people wasting energy on how others are supposed to be or how to live their lives.
Which in itself was hypocritical because the plan itself would dictate others how to live their lives.

They marked the earth one year after I was born to ensure their message would be understood by those that led the cycles.

I later found out that these plans were so elaborate yet simple that even those that would perpetrate their schemes thinking they devised them on their own could never even grasp they were being utilized.

The internet as it is today will be a testament to the reasons of executing what was set in stone.

Perhaps the greatest crime is that no one stopped it out of themselves. Like a child past it's bedtime that's how humanity was living the past 80 years.

There is no time capsule as it is you and yours that will be 6 feet under and chosen based on several DNA databases created over time resurrected.

Alpha C. Christian