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Message Subject Money Orders Cannot be sent Out of India
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Money can be sent to abroad countries using the following modes:

1.Wire Transfer/ Transfer through SWIFT – ( If SWIFT facility is not available, your remittance can be effected through telex ).
2.Foreign Currency Demand Draft – You can send the Demand Draft to the beneficiary, who receives payment from drawee bank on presentation.
According to RBI’s Foreign Exchange Management Act(FEMA) you can remit money abroad upto USD 200,000/- during a financial year.

Note : You cannot use services like Western Union, Ikobo, Xoom & MoneyGram to send money from India to abroad. These services are not allowed legally by the government (Reserve bank of India). You can receive money in India using these services but cannot send money out of India.

Currently only banks are permitted to implement outward remittances and inward remittances are limited in India.

[link to www.sendingmoneytoindia.com]
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