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Message Subject Could Betelguese be The Red Kachina? Sirus A the Blue Kachina?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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In my readings and research on near death experiences I came across a lady who had died. She said the symbols were a dragon and a sccorpion in her room and they were talking to her. This sounds trippy but she said that she knew that there was something happening to the earth and that she was going to live along with her husband but alot of people would die. And it was Gods plan her and her husband were to take care of orphan children. She said she does not know when this will happen and really she said is hard to believe even for her but beleives if this is Gods plan it will happen. She said she knew when the middle east started blowing up last fall that this was the beginning of the tribulation so to speak. Which confirmed for me a vision that I saw last October of the birth pains starting. She ,said she could not reveal what was to happen exactly beause God told her not to say. (I am so curious I wish she would have told but I have a good idea)
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AC or Seer, what is the significance of the scorpion in thie story of the woman's NDE?

This is important, because my child saw one on our house about 2 weeks ago, and rang up thdm ministry of agriculture and fisheries regarding this sightng. You see, we DONT have scorpions in nz!

After a lengthy interview, they said they felt my child had had a legitimate sighting. Occasionally scorpions make it onto nz via shipping containers and inports, but we live in the hills away from tauranga city, hadn't been near the port or received any overseas goods.

Did he see a physical scorpion or a vision of one, with some meaning, i am wondering.

He used insect books while discussing this with he scientist and is convinced of what he saw, as was the scientist.

I hope you people can shed some light on this. Thank you.

Now one other thing, seer -

When looing at some volcano cams, i noticed what looks like a large star in only one frame here, the 12am midnight frame on the 7th december, 12 hours ago. I have not noticed it before.

[link to www.geonet.org.nz]

Thank you
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