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Message Subject Could Betelguese be The Red Kachina? Sirus A the Blue Kachina?
Poster Handle HyruleRupee
Post Content
I have been happily sitting back in the shadows, reading the exchanges here.

Thank you.

The consideration of a past Nova is intriguing, as is the posit that some message could have been transferred from a future age.

Now, a thought just came to me. When our sun sends out a CME, it is known that certain particles can reach us in minutes, while the remainder takes days.

If betelguese has already gone (super)nova, couldn't that inital process have sent visible particles our way fairly quickly, leaving the rest to be seen at speed of light? That could explain the origin of the Hopi prophesy?

Personally, I rather see both betelguese and sirius remain right where they are, for all of us to marvel at!

Threads such as this one make me wish I could contribute in a more educated manner, but, I am thankful for those of you who possess the knowledge I lack. Carry on, please...
 Quoting: Esoteric Morgan

Well siad, I ditto your sentiments!cool2
 Quoting: HyruleRupee

ooops.....mispelled said....sorry, this ipad touch screen is tough to type spellon!spell
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